Your new baby will change every day.

There’s nothing more precious than that sweet face of your new child.
The way their hair is so soft and the way their little fingers, seem so tiny in your big hands.

Let me capture memories for you to help you remember your little baby at such a small size.

Imagine having your newborn’s expressions and quirks captured in a photograph.

My daughter Maya, who is now seven, loves looking back on her newborn baby and family photos.

The recent arrival of Remi, meant we have another amazing set of newborn images as she was photographed at 9 days new.

Each year we have our family photographs taken professionally too.

Each year I fall in love with them and print some for our home.

Family photographs are for your child, just as much as they are for you.  They are a visual history of your life story.

Would you like some stunning photographs of your new baby in your home?

With 18 years of professional photography experience, you can trust me to handle your baby with care and photograph some incredible images for your family home.