Planning a photography session when your new baby has just been born can be a daunting process.

New parents wonder. . .

  • Is my new baby settled enough?
  • Will I look too tired in the photos?
  • Will the photo session all go to plan?

We have so many thoughts and wonderings. But newborn babies grow and change so dramatically in the first week or two, so if we keep wondering, they will have lengthened and strengthened very quickly. Growing is great, but let’s capture your new baby in his or her teeny tiny stage, so you will remember them that way forever.

Choosing clothing for your photo session depends on a few things.

What “look” would you like, casual or formal?

  • If you would like to look dressier I would opt for the type of clothes you would wear if you were going out for dinner. Most images with be half length, so you can leave the heels at home! Choose clothes that are comfortable fitting and make sure they compliment your partner’s clothing if they are coming also. Avoid distracting logos and bold patterns, as these tend to distract from your little babies face.
  • If you are opting for a more casual look, you can select jeans and simple tee-shirts in plain colours. Sometimes singlets or simple tee shirts can work really well.
  • Clothing does not have to be match matchy, you all don’t need to be wearing one colour. By choosing complimentary tones images often work best.

So back I come to the original question.


Who is the baby photo session really for?
The grandparents?

I think the newborn baby session is most important for your new baby.

My daughter is always so delighted to look through her newborn baby images. To see how tiny she was. To see what her little nose, and toes looked like. To see her chubby cheeks or funny expressions.

She will always have an image in her mind of what she was like when she was very little. Without these images, she might not ‘remember’ so much.

A photo isn’t a photo unless it’s printed.

I have a series of little albums from each of our family photo sessions. My daughter looks at them all the time and so do I. My husband and my visitors do too.

If the images were just stored in my computer, I wouldn’t look back on them so much. Something you can’t see is just in the back of your mind.

I spoke to this family today and they commented at how much their little man has grown already.

Preserve your family memories.

Print your images.

Having professional photographs taken will be a choice you will never regret.

Contact me today to inquire about a newborn baby session with your little one.