Milestone photography sessions have proved to be a very popular in the Alfredton based photography studio.

I don’t know about you, but everyday my children are doing something new and it just amazes me all of the little milestones they reach so quickly as babies!

The milestone photography sessions are a shorter photography session tailored to capture the next stage in your babies development. Whether they are beginning to smile, mastering tummy time or sitting up a little, my 30 minute, in studio photography sessions are an ideal way to record these special milestones for your family.

One of my favourite stages to photograph is when babies begin to smile sometimes this can be at 10 weeks, and I also love photographing that stage when babies begin to laugh!

Here is a general guide of newborn and baby milestones that are incredible to capture in a photograph:

  • 6 – 12 days: the classic newborn photography age – this often takes pre-planning and please don’t worry if you baby is older than this, babies can be photographed at any age, the possible poses just change slightly and we just be flexible as we go on the day
  • 3 months: babies are quite alert and often smile – I love capturing images with their eyes open at this age and their quirky expressions
  • 4 months: babies are getting stronger and can lift their head up on their own
  • 6 months: babies can sometimes sit on their own
  • 7 months: most babies can crawl or are making more creative movements!
  • 9 months: your little one might now be able to pull themselves up and maybe stand independently
  • 12 months +: babies begin to walk (often at 12 months many are standing up holding onto things)

It’s never to late to organise a gift voucher for milestone photography session for a loved one’s birthday, a Christmas gift voucher, a Mother’s Day gift voucher or Father’s Day gift voucher. . .

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