Why should you book a professional photographer to take photos of your newborn and family, instead of someone you know, who has a great camera?

I’ll let you in on a secret.

Before I studied photography, and then became really experienced by learning from other professionals, I didn’t get it either.

{Insert huge gasp here}

I’ve always loved professional photography work, but thought that it was out of my reach.

So there. I’ve admitted it. I valued professional photography, but felt overwhelmed and that I could never afford to have the images taken.

My Mum was the same. She has always loved professional photography. When we were young she couldn’t quite afford the session fee with three little kids. But luckily, she won a portrait sitting in Ballarat with a long time serving family photographer who took images of us. These images were kept on file and never thrown out. A number of years after the portrait sitting, she contacted the studio, excited that they were still available, and purchased a gorgeous 20 x 30 inch block mounted portrait that she still has hanging in her home. This image takes pride of place in the dining room. My daughter nows looks at it, laughing at our outfits and hair cuts.

I love looking at that photo of the three of us. My bother, my sister and I are all in our Sunday finest, perched on blocks in the studio with huge smiles.

Mum has never regretted saving the money for that portrait. I think that is why my husband and I have a yearly family portrait session taken.

What is the value in hiring a professional photographer who specialises in newborn photography?

Here are some points about why professional photographers are well worth hiring to photograph your baby when he or she arrives. . .

  1. A professional photographer knows how to handle and pose your baby safely. It is very important to ask your chosen photographer about their level of experience. Enquire into their training at University level. Enquire about how they learnt to pose a baby safely. Enquire about the length of time they have been photographing newborns. Remember you are trusting your brand new baby to a stranger. Make sure they know there stuff.
  2. Professional newborn photographers have a high level of insurance cover. As a professional business, newborn photographers will invest in public liability insurance.
  3. A professional photographer will value the printed image. Professional photographers want you to have professionally printed photographs on display in your home. A USB drive wouldn’t look very eye catching if it was framed on a feature wall in your home. . . let your photographer spoil you with some professionally printed photographs, like my Mum, you will never look back.
  4. A professional photographer will know their gear. A great camera might be built to perfection, but it takes a great photographer’s eye to ‘see’ the photograph.  Professional photographers know how to quickly assess the available light and change their camera settings to ensure you have a high quality image each time.
  5. Professional newborn photographers are good communicators. Good communication skills and the ability to put people ‘at ease’ is very important in our industry.  By communicating well with people, a photographer can make you look your best during the photography session. They will make you feel comfortable, despite your lack of sleep with your new baby.
  6. Professional newborn photographers know their craft. Professional photographers know many ways to pose your newborn in safe and creative ways. You will love the artistic images that I can produce for you.
  7. A professional photographer will know how to settled a baby. I am commonly called the ‘baby whisperer.’  I have laughed this off many times, but now I feel very proud that people refer to me this way.  Why? It means that I am making the most the time during the photography session.  By reading a babies sleep cues, I can make sure they don’t get too over tired.
  8. Professional baby photographers use safe props.  Props are baby specific and are the right size for your little one. Wraps and outfits are washed after each session in baby-safe detergents to ensure a clean hygienic approach.
  9. A professional photographer will know what a baby needs. After being training 1:1 with one of Melbourne’s top newborn photographers, I realised the importance of so many things in creating the ideal photography session for my clients. Such as the ideal room temperature, the perfect order of events, watching the babies tired signs, wrapping techniques, safe posing techniques and much more.  My level of knowledge helps me to ensure you baby stays safe and well during the photography session.

Why should you invest money in hiring a professional photographer at all?

If you are still unclear about the value in hiring a professionally trained photographer, ask yourself these questions. . .

Do I trust this person to safely handle my brand new baby?

Do they sound professional and well trained on the phone? Have they asked me many details about my baby before I came into the session? Will they tailer the session to my tastes within reason?

Does their portfolio display a very wide variety of babies, or just a select few?

Does the photographer have public liability insurance?

Finally, do you like their photography style?

For further information about professional photography feel free to call me on 0419 114 075.