My favourite time and moment as a Ballarat baby photographer, has to be when people experience that “Awwwwww. . .” factor. That moment when all of the elements in a baby photography session come together. The props look great, the lighting looks great and then baby pulls the sweetest expression that will melt any heart! Baby photography sessions are such a wonderful time in your families lives to have photographed. I always do a fist pump in my mind, I love my job.
My friend Jade, came into my studio and her son, Luke,  just loved to sleep. It was great because he was 8 days new when he came in for his photo session. Being this age meant that he didn’t stir when I swapped poses and didn’t stir when I changed his wraps.  Jade was very tired, but all she had to do was sit back in my comfy ‘new Mumma glider chair’ and watch as I took photos of her new baby. We both spent most of the morning smiling, he just looked so small and precious in every set up.
Jade and I had spoken on the phone prior to her baby photography session and had discussed colours and styling choices. I did know that she was a keen horse rider so I asked for her to bring a few items in. Some images in this session were composite images. This means that multiple images are combined into one.  I do this to ensure the babies safety at all times. So the image on the saddle was a combination of 6 photos together, with some fingers on either side of Luke’s body to make sure he did not slip down. The one of his with his head up in the box with the hat with ears (made by the wonderful seamstress from Sew Imaginative) was also a composite image, as we can’t allow any pressure on a babies neck so I create the images with safe posing techniques and digital compositing. They look quite neat don’t they!
Newborn babies have so many wonderful expressions even at 8 days old. It’s incredible really how a little person knows such happiness isn’t it. It’s probably because parents do a wonderful job of meeting their babies needs. Despite the sleep deprivation!