Taking photographs of newborn twin photography is a very fun and challenging photography session to photograph.  Tori, the mother of these twins Aamira and Aaliyah, was quick to pick up the photography session that was available the day after she called.  These newborn twin girls were 8 weeks of age.

Hiring a professional photographer to photograph your new baby, is especially important if you are lucky enough to be blessed with twin babies. You can read more about the importance of hiring a professional photographer in terms of safety by looking at this post. The most important reason is in terms of this session was wrapping them and reading their facial cues to realise what props to focus on when, to help them to stay calm and happy during their photography session.

I asked super Mum Tori, some questions about her experience being a new mother to two beautiful newborn twin daughters. . .

Question: How did you feel when you first laid eyes on your newborn twin daughters?

Answer: Very overwhelmed, it’s like nothing else in this world!!!! I can’t explain how amazing it is, I just couldn’t believe I carried two beautiful hearts for 32 weeks, they were the most exquisite girls I had ever seen!

Question: What have been the best ways you have found to settle your babies?

Answer: Giving them a bath and an organic lavender oil massage. Or skin to skin time soothes them as well.

Question: How did you decide on the names for Aamira and Aaliyah?

Answer: As my partner comes from a different background, we decided to have unique names which were half his background and half mine.

Question: I can imagine you need to be very organised to manage two newborn twin babies at once, what tips can you provide other mothers to help them stay organised with their new baby at home?

Answer: Yes, as you said organisation is a very big thing with not only multiple, but single births as well. Soon after feeding and nappy changing, sort out their clothes; making sure things are stocked up and write a list if you need anything.

Question for Arbab: What has been the best moment/s that you have spent with your daughters to date?

Answer: As I work full time I don’t see the girls that much, but the time I do spend, it’s so incredible every moment I cherish, in my eyes there to most beautiful baby girls in my life.

Question for Arbab: What message can you write for Tori, in her role as a Mum to these two sweet baby girls?

Answer: It wasn’t until our two baby girls our born that we realized how challenging our lives were going to be as I worked full time an hour away, yet no matter the different roles and responsibilities, Tori you have taken the biggest part which is raising our two beautiful girls. You have given the best support and nurture within the family you have done such a amazing job at being a young mother you should be so proud.

Congratulations to Tori and Arbab on bringing two wonderful girls into the world. I look forward to seeing them as they grow up on your social media feed.

Best wishes,  Bec