This little sweetheart is called Eleanor. She is 8 days new, which is the perfect age for a newborn photography session with her parents.
I asked new Mum, Jess, some questions about being a parent. It’s great to read all of the discoveries that parents make in their jouney.

How old is your baby at the time of answering these questions?

Seven weeks old

What hospital or location did you deliver your baby in? What was your favourite part about the care provided to you?

Ballarat base hospital – my obstetrician Michael carter was amazing, I couldnt thank him enough, his care is second to none

What were the biggest questions you faced when you brought your new baby home? What did you work out were the answers to these questions?

Feeding was hard to work out for us, breastfeeding, bottles etc but we have finally found our groove

What have been your best baby buys so far?

Dr Browns vented bottles are amazing for baby wind.

What have been your best new Mum buys or support people you have seen so far?

Family has been amazing and the best support, Julianne at Ballarat ogb has also been so helpful

What positive advice can you offer to first time Mums about the changes that they will face in their lives when their new baby arrives?

Everyday gets better & easier, the newborn scary days will pass and you will get through it! (You will also miss it)

I also use the Br Browns bottles. It was Jess that told me about them – thanks Jess! You can purchase them from Baby Bunting in Wendouree, Ballarat. I gave one a try because my daughter from 5 months onwards gets very distracted when feeding. If she had to pause to let the air bubbles release in regular bottles, she would pull off and look around and stop drinking.  The other great bottle to try, if you have a baby with reflux or difficulty releasing wind, are the Pigeon ones. They have a special teat to help with this. Alternatively or additionally, Infacol can help with baby wind (you can get this from the supermarket). You just pop a drop on your babies tongue before feeding and it makes all of the air bubbles join together, which the baby can then release, one way or another 🙂 Thanks so much for taking the time to share some information with us all Jess!