Ballarat Family Photography

There were eight in the bed and the little one said. . .

Ballarat Family Photographer: Rebecca Nicolandos

Taking photographs of a family of eight might seem like a big challenge for some, but I love a good challenge!  This beautiful family came walking in quietly and calmly into my Alfredton based home studio (hats off to you Mum and Dad). Each of the children took turns while one another spoke and I think I had the biggest smile when I looked up at Tamara and Jarrod.  I’m sure these children are loved and cared for so well, to have such lovely manners and to be so thoughtful even at young ages was beautiful to see.


It’s a pretty mean feat to raise children, so I thought I would ask Tamara some questions that may give parents a few ideas to try with their newborn babies at home. I’m sure you will find her ideas helpful.

What has been the most incredible moment between your children and the new baby so far?

The unconditional love showed by all of the older five kiddies. They are always there to hold her, sing to her, smother her in kisses.

And, for those who know me, as a family photographer I love the images of kids goofing off and ‘kids just being kids!’

While raising your children, what have been the most helpful tips you have learnt when settling them?

Some possible helpful tips that we have learnt is getting our babies to bed/settled before getting to the over tired stage, making sure they are fed, cleaned and comfortable so they can self settle. In the first 2-3 months we enjoyed our baby cuddles a little too much and they didn’t always liked being put in their bassinet/cot. Just enjoy it, they don’t stay in your arms forever.

When your baby begins eating solids, what are your favourite foods to introduce first?

We have always introduced rice cereal first with a little bit of breast milk or formula. Once our baby has gotten use to that, we move on to puréed mixed veggies and fruit.

Do you have any teething relief tips to share that new parents might not know about?

When it comes to teething we have had this pretty easy. A few sleepless nights but nothing bad that we haven’t been able to handle with a little bit of baby panadol and teething rings. We did trial a teething necklace with our last one.

What is the key to staying organised as a parent when there are so many things to do?

There is always heaps to do around here. To stay organised, I have a list (I love lists). I have lunches packed and clothes laid the night before, school notes are signed and returned the next day (so they don’t get lost), and all important dates and appts are put into a diary and in my phone calendar. I follow the fly-lady for house cleaning and try and stay on top of things as much as I can, but doesn’t always happen.

What has been your favourite moment with your new baby so far?

I can’t say I have one stand out moment that has been my favourite at the moment. I have loved it all. From holding my newborn for the first time and her looking at me, to her first smile and giggles, baby cuddles on the couch. It is just pure perfection.

Thank you so much for your time Tamara! There are some great tips there and I will definitely be checking out the Fly Lady website that you mentioned which include reminders to keep me organised!

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