Meet new baby Avery!

Not only does she have a delightful name, she is also a newborn that was very sleepy for her photography session. Loving parents, Gemma and her husband Chris, were just smitten by this little new baby.

Here are some comments from Gemma in response to a questionnaire that I gave her. Avery was one month old when Gemma answered these questions.

What hospital or location did you deliver your baby in? What was your favourite part about the care provided to you?

Ballarat Heath Services. The midwives were just amazing, their support and advice made the experience much easier.

What were the biggest questions you faced when you brought your new baby home? What did you work out were the answers to these questions?

What should we dress her in for bed? We found the answer was to dress her in a sleeping bag as she likes sleeping with her arms up, she is much more comfortable than being wrapped.

What have been your best baby buys so far?

The sleeping bags have been a great purchase, and also the Oricom BabySense sensor pads, they have given us that extra peace of mind when she is asleep.

What have been your best new Mum buys or support people you have seen so far?

Netflix! And I have purchased some really helpful apps – Sprout and Wonderweeks. We have an amazing support network, with our parents and all the aunts & uncles!

What positive advice can you offer to first time Mums about the changes that they will face in their lives when their new baby arrives?

Your baby hasn’t done this before either, you can work it out together!

There are some amazing apps that support new mothers and I’m glad that Gemma raised these two.

The Wonderweeks app, is widely recommended by paediatricians and health nurses. I understand it this way. . . your baby goes through some very grizzly patches at certain periods in their new lives. The world around them is overwhelming and some times they just need more understanding and loads of cuddles.¬† The app, when you first hear about it’s predictive ability, seems a little too good to be true. But when you try it, you will be blown away! You start by entering the due date of your baby, not their actual birth date. You see, the app works by following the brain development of babies and young ones. The stages the babies go through are called ‘leaps’ in development. It’s great because you can check the chart and see when you baby will go through a fussy patch.¬† It also gives you insight into what the baby is seeing and experiencing during a leap. I loved it so much that I headed out and purchased the book too, good old buy, swap and sell!

All the best with your journey raising Avery, Gemma and Chris!

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