Ballarat Childcare Centre and Kindergarten Photographers

By Rebecca Nicolandos and Melissa Bourne

As experienced baby, child and family photographers, we have teamed up to offer Ballarat Childcare Centres and Kindergartens our photography services.

We enjoy capturing a mixture of posed and candid photographs of kindergarten and childcare families.

Our one of a kind, custom designed booklet style albums, are big hits with families. The bright colourful unisex designs are a fun record rather than plastic slip in style albums.  The booklet includes a ‘Handprint page’ and an ‘About Me’ page to allow childcare and kindy parents to personalise the booklet as a lovely record for the child to view.

As an extra purchase, gift folios are available to families. They come in teal and dusty pink. A great gift for loved ones.

We can photograph groups in two ways:

  • Classic – where children stand or sit in rows or
  • Head collage style (perfect for larger centres with multiple groups)

Once again, our design is colourful and has fun graphics!

We have public liability coverage and Melissa has a current working with children check. Rebecca is a qualified teacher, so she has a VIT card, which means she has relevant police checks also.

We love to take sibling photographs at kindergarten and childcare centres for you to have. Please remember to fill in the section with your children’s names on your order form.

Package Information

The Keepsake Booklet Package


The Keepsake Booklet Package includes a modern, exclusive album design with spaces for seven images of your child.  The booklet includes an ‘About Me’ page and a page to place your child’s hand print to help you to remember this stage in their childhood.

This package includes:

  • One Keepsake Booklet
  • Six 5x7 inch photographs
  • One 8x12 inch Group Photo

The Digital Image Package


This package is perfect for people who love sharing digital photos and prints with family members.

This package includes:

  • Six high resolution digital, ready to print, .jpeg files. You will be provided a link to download your files via email.
  • One 8x12 inch class group photo (your centre will decide wether this is a formal or collage style image)

The Basic Print Package


This package includes archival, printed photographs of your child.

This package includes:

  • Six 5x7 inch photographs


Order two or more packages and receive 10% off total price. One package per child. Without a pre-order your child will not be photographed individually.


Additional Extras

These items are perfect gifts for Christmas, birthdays, office spaces or for Mother’s or Father’s Day. . .

If you have requested a sibling photograph, you will need to select an option below.

5 x 7 inch photographs  –  12 each

Free standing folio with two 5 x 7 inch photos (colours in dusty pink or teal)  –  $40 each

8 x 12 inch group photograph  –  $20 each

 Free standing folio

Additional printed photographs can only be purchased in addition to a package.  These will be selected by the photographer.

Payment Options: Cash, Bank Transfer or Credit Card

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get the photos back?

Most centres will be photographed over a few days to one week (depending on the size of the centre).  We then require three – four weeks to allow for editing, printing and preparation of orders.

What happens on photo day?

Rebecca or Melissa will photograph a range of images of your child indoors and outdoors, weather permitting.  Children are encouraged to be playful and ‘pretend’ to do activities in the centre.  We take a mixture of posed and candid images, depending on your child’s personality.  Your ordered images will be available to collect two weeks after the last day of the centre photography.

How many images will I receive of my child?

Families will be provided with 6-7 images of your child, depending of the package that you have purchased.

What happens if my child is sick or on holidays during photo week?

If this happens, we will schedule one day available for any child who missed out on photos. This will be dependant entirely on availability and you may be required to bring your child in on a day they do not usually attend.

How do we pay?

We accept cash in the supplied envelopes, bank transfer or credit cards. Further details are provided on the order form.

I have already placed my order. Can I order more at a later date?

Images will be stored digitally by the photographers for one year.  You are welcome to place further orders at any stage at current prices at the time of ordering.

I have more than one child at the centre/kindergarten, do I need to order more than one package?

Yes. Each child requires a seperate package to pay for the photographers time, talent and chosen products.  If you purchase two or more packages you can deduct 10% from the total price.

I purchased the Digital Image Package, how do I download my files?

When the images are prepared, you will receive an email link to download your high resolution digital .jpeg files.  Your order form will have a place to record your email address so that we can contact you.

I noticed that you have an active Facebook page, how can my child’s image be placed on there?

As part of your child consent form, you will be asked if you give us consent to publish an image of your child.  You will have received a consent form with your order form at your kindergarten or childcare centre.

What should I dress my child in?

We encourage children to be dressed in comfortable, simple clothing. By avoiding shirts that don’t have characters or text on them, the focus of the photo will be your child’s face.  If there is a colour that really suits your child, that is a great option! If your child is wearing a dress, please pop leggings underneath to help support us in our work.

To contact us please email:  or call Rebecca on 0419 114 075