Frequently Asked Questions

Capturing photographs for families is something that I always feel honored to do! There is nothing more precious than each day you spend with your new baby and I love capturing images of the little things that they do.

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding my baby photography sessions.

What is the best age to capture newborn baby photographs?

Newborn babies can be photographed at any age.

But, if you are good at planning before he or she has even arrived, it is best to pre-book a session so I can capture your new baby in the 6-12 day window. Once you are at around 34 weeks into your pregnancy we can book you in for some tentative dates, so you don’t miss out on capturing your baby in their first couple of weeks of their new life as part of your family.

Why do I encourage this?

Any earlier than 6 days, your baby will still be building up a healthy milk supply and will need your constant attention during these first days. It’s great to spend lots of time cuddling and getting to know your baby too! Once most babies reach the 12-day mark, they become strong (which is what we’d love them to do) and like pushing their legs out straight, making the ‘curled up’ poses unsuitable as they generally don’t like their legs snuggled up on their bellies.

Having said this, some smaller babies don’t mind going into this fetal position pose when they are slightly older. There are many different poses that I can choose if your baby is between 2-4 weeks old, and will still be well worthwhile capturing them at this young precious age.

What do we need to bring for the photography session?

I have a wide range of wraps, props, headbands, and hats in my home studio available for baby photography sessions. The gorgeous natural light in the room ensures the images are light and bright, showing the delicate skin and features of your little one.

You will need to bring along milk for the baby, anything you might like to drink or eat and baby changing items. If your baby has a dummy, please bring this along as they are fabulous as a support tool to get baby to sleep during the session.

The room will be quite warm to make sure you baby stays at a good temperature as we change outfits and wraps, so it’s helpful if you dress in layers, to ensure you are also comfortable.

What clothing should we wear?


It is a good idea to carefully consider your clothing for your session. Making careful choices with your clothing is a key element to making the photo session great! If the session includes yourselves and possibly a sibling it is important for the clothing to be coordinated. Simple and timeless is the look that you should strive for.

By avoiding clothing that has a large print, checkered patterns and geometric designs you will ensure the person viewing your images looks straight at your families’ faces.

I always recommended laying the clothing out on a bed and step back to see what they look like together. Once the choices have been made you should be sure that they are clean and wrinkle free for the session.

You might like to bring one special outfit for your new baby to wear for your family photos. For the rest of the photo session, I will wrap the baby, avoiding bulky clothes to achieve a look that you will love!

If you have a special blanket, toy, booties or name lettering that you would like included in the images you are welcome to bring one or two items along to the session.

How long do newborn photography sessions take?

Newborn photography sessions generally take 2-3 hours, as your baby is posed into a range of safe positions to give you good variety in the session. There is also plenty of time for feeding and cuddles too!

What can I do to ensure a smooth newborn baby photography session?

As a general rule, simply sitting back and watching the photography take place is an enjoyable part of the photography session!

It might seem odd, but a breast feeding mother’s diet can sometimes impact the flow of a photography session. If foods such as cabbage, onion, tomato and acidic foods are eaten before the photography session, the babies tummy can become upset and gassy, resulting in extra nappy changes. Discomfort due to an upset stomach may make certain poses uncomfortable for your baby, as these foods are hard for them to digest.

Are photography sessions for older babies the same as for newborns?

Babies older than 6 weeks of age are photographed differently, as I capture images of them wide eyed in between their nap times. Generally, babies this age do not like being moved around while sleeping, so photographing older babies is covered under my general family photography packages for a one-hour session. They are so many great moments I can capture of older babies, as they love to smile and connect with people around them.

What are the most popular items purchased after a newborn photography session?

Ballarat Newborn Photography Packages

There are many great items available to feature your baby images in your home and it does depend on the amount of space you have available.

  • Items such as:
  • Albums
  • Canvas prints
  • Metal prints
  • baby collages are the most popular items currently.

To contact me for more information about baby photography, please contact me via the contact form or by calling me on 0419 114 075.

I look forward to speaking with you soon!