Ballarat Newborn Photography

Newborn Photography Options

There is nothing more exciting than the first few weeks of your babies life.

Their tiny toes, gorgeous skin and those precious cuddles that a new mother and father can’t seem to get enough of!

Family and newborn photography

Newborn photographs can only be taken once in your child’s life and is an important decision. It’s important to trust your baby with a professional, qualified photographer who places your babies safety as paramount. With 18 years photography experience and training, I have learnt a great deal about settling babies and capturing photographs with parents and siblings.

Capturing photographs of your baby as they grow up is an exciting time. Every day they change, it’s a like being caught in whirlwind really.

Newborn babies are best photographed between 6-12 days old to capture those curled up newborn poses.  So if possible it’s best to pre-book a session at around 34 weeks, before you have had your little one.  Newborn sessions take around 2-3 hours, with plenty of feeding and cuddle time in between each series of images.   Having said this, babies can be photographed at any age, so if you have taken a little while to get settled and decide that you would really love some photos taken. Just give me a call, I can still capture a wide range of family and baby images for you and will try to book you in as soon as possible.

Another great stage is when babies are begin to smile often, or even between 5 – 8 months, as babies this age just love to laugh!

Here is a general guide of newborn and baby milestones that are incredible to capture in a photograph:

  • 6 – 12 days: the classic newborn photography age – this often takes pre-planning and please don’t worry if you baby is older than this, babies can be photographed at any age, the possible poses just change slightly and we just be flexible as we go on the day
  • 3 months: babies are quite alert and often smile – I love capturing images with their eyes open at this age
  • 4 months: babies are getting stronger and can lift their head up on their own
  • 6 months: babies can sometimes sit on their own
  • 7 months: most babies can crawl or are making more creative movements!
  • 9 months: your little one might now be able to pull themselves up and maybe stand independantly
  • 10 months – 13 months: babies begin to walk

For more information please feel free to give me a call to discuss what you are hoping for in a photography session.